Support  Gungnir Vikingship to be repaired and to arrange its viking space.

The intrepid Vikingship Gungnir battled the storms of the Scandinavian seas, sailed the rivers of northern Europe, and sometimes faced violent currents to participate in events, film promotion, TV shows and radios ...
It has always been reliable, efficient, ... and especially with each mission, It has brought back safe and sound all the members of his crew in spite of sometimes difficult elements.

It is almost 20 years old and is currently in dry dock for a very important fairing. The main structure has no damage, but as for the hull, more than half of the clapboard are to change and half a dozen couples. It was urgent to repair it, some parts of the hull are like biscotti (and it's hard to digest ).

Our Project

Our project is to help the association Vikingar in charge of the sailing ship Gungnir, to finish the repairs of the ship, to give it a new equipment: mast, sail, crew square, chests / swimming benches, tent of edge ... Gungnir is more than an atypical vessel and a beautiful story, it is also a cultural work that proudly represents European culture. These exceptionals, vkings’ships have for more than three centuries been the symbol of sailing technology. It needs its space for its conservation and its future fairings. The Vikingar association has already built the structure area housing Gungnir. The Vikingship house must be able to accommodate the public in a space of 360 m2. It must meet current safety standards and offer parking spaces

Vikingar Association
This association includes, among others, the main members of the Gungnir sailboat crew and devotees of Viking culture.
The association concentrated its energy and all its funds in the safeguard of Gungnir and in the construction of its viking house.
The project is much more than a sporting and cultural adventure on the Scandinavian seas, it is a real heritage safeguarding mission.

How to help us?
You can help us by making a donation to the Vikingar association. Depending on the funds raised, the association plans between one and two years of work to finish the boat and to arrange the viking space. Everyone contributes the amount he wants. All payments are secure, even small money is important. You can talk about this project around you.
The shipyard and the space is large and very expensive, it has already cost more than 40 000 € and it would take as much to bring it to an end.
Finally, we are looking for sponsors, so if you have some, good ideas, or even advice to help us realize this project, we are takers.
To thank the donors, you will receive an invitation allowing them access to the future viking space and a present.
Hoping you’ll join this Viking adventure and this cultural project.

You can make a donation by clicking on the button bellow:

Thanks for your support ! ;)


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